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Zhejiang Delekang Food Co., Ltd, founded in 1995, is one of the largest companies dedicated in extracting and purifying rice bran oil and its byproducts in China. The major products include refined rice bran oil, oryzanol, rice bran sterol, ferulic acid, ginkgo biloba extract, etc. Delekang is capable to produce 30,000 tons of refined rice bran oil, 150 tons of oryzanol, 200 tons of ferulic acid, 200 tons of ginkgo biloba extract and 30,000 ton of rice bran dregs each year. Delekang rice bran oil is being sold in Zhejiang, China and has won a good reputation. Other products are being sold to international markets.

55.2million RMB of registered capital and 250 million RMB of total assets are owned by Delekang. The headquarters is in Xianju, Zhejiang Province. Currently, there are more than 200 employees working at headquarters. Delekang owns two production bases, totally covers 100,000 square meters.

Delekang has been awarded as the National Innovation Company, Green Company and Leading Enterprises of Agriculture, and has been certificated with ISO9001/ISO14001/ISO22000/OHSMS18000. The edible oil has acquired QS certification. The oryzanol and rice bran sterol have been certificated with GMP.

Delekang has cooperated with Zhejiang University of Technology, Jiangnan University and Zhejiang University of Science and Technology on several patents. The patents of rice bran oil and botanical extracts are owned by Delekang.

Jiangsu Delekang Biotech Co., Ltd founded in 2004 in Lianyungang, Jiangsu Province, covers 890,000 square meters. It owns 120 million RMB of registered capital, 140 million RMB of total asset. Jiangsu Delekang is the main production base, producing ginkgo biloba extract, refined rice bran oil and rice bran meal. The ginkgo biloba extract plays an important role in domestic market, because of its outstanding quality.

Zhejiang Delekang Food Sales Co., Ltd, founded in 2005 in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, owns 15 million of registered capital. It has kept a good sales performance in recent years. Its mission is developing a sales and distribution network of rice bran oil in retail market of eastern China as well as promoting the Delekang’s brand awareness.

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Delekang’s good reputation benefit from its corporate value – be honest to people and be serious to work, which is proposed by Delekang’s chairman, Shunhuo Tong. Influenced by this corporate value, Delekang attract a large number of outstanding employees and also win a lot of trust and support from customers and society. The corporate value is a generalization of Delekang’s corporate culture, and we believe this kind of characteristic culture will keep a continuous growth and bring more improvements to Delekang.
After 21 years’ development, Dekekang finished many pioneering work in the field of comprehensive utilization of rice bran oil and has become a leading company in the same industry. In terms of quality, all Delekang products, including refined rice bran oil, gamma oryzanol, ferulic acid, ginkgo biloba extract, have become the industry benchmark. The development of Delekang depends on maximizing resource utilization and minimizing environmental impact. Every people in Delekang keep this corporate mission in mind and make every effort to finish it. 
The development of Delekang cannot do without the corporate spirit - perseverance. By this corporate spirit, Delekang overcome many difficulties in fierce competitions. Bamboo is regarded as Delekang’s corporate image. In China, bamboo stands for strong vitality and perseverance. 
Delekang not only focus on profit, but also attach importance to business ethics. Customers are our long-term friends. Because of this principle, Delekang concentrate on making contribution to society, providing more values to customers and creating more opportunities to employees. Now Delekang get more and more good evaluations from the public.
Delekang is our brand. In Chinese, it means pursue happiness and health. Delekang want to make healthy products to customers, as well as bring happiness to them. 


On December 31, 1994, Zhejiang Yinhe Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd (current name - Zhejiang Delekang Food Co., Ltd) was established by Tong Shunhuo (current chairman of Delekang). Yinhe mainly produced and sold Oryzanol to start its business. Oryzanol was a saleable product at that period of time, so it was a good beginning to Yinhe.Good things did not last long. In the September of 1995, the price war changed the market of oryzanol into a competitive situation. However, every people in Yinhe worked positively to develop new markets and reduce costs. With everyone’s efforts, Yinhe finally gained a foothold in the market. In the year of 1998, Yinhe finished 3,000 tons of rice bran comprehensive utilization product line. Also, the improvement of products quality made Yinhe got more and more reputation and market share.

In 2000, the industrial competition became fiercer and many competitors failed. Yinhe’s situation was not good as well. Fortunately, Yinhe survived again through everyone’s contribution. Meanwhile, the competition also made people in Yinhe realized a company cannot survive if it has no competitive advantage. At that time, a critical technical team was built up and quality first policy was kept in everyone’s mind. In the year of 2002, Yinhe finished 8,000 tons of rice bran comprehensive utilization product line. The improvements of product quality, energy saving and cost reducing bring more opportunities and gradually made Yinhe become the industrial leader. By the end of 2003, a company expansion plan on Hailongjiang and Lianyungang launched.

In 2005, another subsidiary, Zhejiang Yinhe Dele Trading Company was set up in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. In the same year, Yinhe went into the third five-year plan. Because of the vicious competition in Oryzanol market, the price of Oryzanol went down to one third of the peak price. In addition to, the investment on company expansion cause financial stress. What was worse, both two subsidiaries went into operation loss in the initial stage. Even so, Yinhe was not defeated by these difficulties. In order to reduce the losses caused by the Oryzanol price war, the technical team tried to develop a new competitive product –natural Ferulic Acid, which was hydrolyzed and refined from Oryzanol. Natural Ferulic Acid was a high demand product at that time, but there were few companies able to produce it. With the success of developing Ferulic Acid, Yinhe turned the situation around. Meanwhile, the rice bran oil was developed successfully and became another competitive product.

In 2010, the forth five-year plan began. The new product line of Ginkgo Biloba Extract launched. In July of 2012, the refined rice bran oil workshop finished which was able to producing 15,000 tons of refined rice bran oil. On January 23, 2013, Zhejiang Yinhe Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd was officially changed its name to Zhejiang Delekang Food Co., Ltd. In 2014, 30,000 tons rice bran oil comprehensive utilization project started. In June of 2015, Chinese Food and Drug Administration inspected all companies which produce Ginkgo Biloba Extract products. The inspection result was shocked. More than half of companies were unqualified and punished by the CFDA, including many well-known large companies. However, Delekang appeared on the qualified company list. All the time, people in Delekang believe quality and integrity is everything. The inspection result demonstrates Delekang’s belief and efforts are worthy. In November, the annual capacity of Ginkgo Biloba Extract increased to 200 tons.

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